Paul’s poetry has been published in "The Tower", "Zygote" and "The White Wall Review" poetry journals and featured on radio broadcasts. He has participated in numerous poetry readings including acting as master of ceremonies at "The Third Annual Poetry by Candlelight" benefit sponsored by King Lizzard and CIUT 89.5 FM.

He has studied poetry with Susan Ioannou and Rhea Tregebov at Ryerson Polytechnical University and is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets and past member of the Canadian Poetry Association.


His poems are semi-autobiographical and often reflect everyday life. For him, poetry not only portrays ideas, but should, ideally, like a good photograph, capture the essence of the "defining moment".

He believes a poem should have a momentum of its own and suggest possibilities other than which are literally present in the words themselves. Poetry is a means for him to explore the unseen but universal in the familiar, pursue personal growth and self knowledge


April 20-25, 2015, Great Canadian PoeTrain Tour, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Canada

December, 2012, Kingston Road United Church.

June, 2010, LCP Conference, Toronto, Ontario

April, 2007, Howl to promote Blues and Poetry, featuring Nik Beat as host, Blue Room and the PoetiKs.

March 21, 2006 the Art Bar Toronto with heronJones, David Seymour and host Stephen Humphrey

October 27, 2004, East End writers Group, Toronto, Ontario

October 17, 2004, The Pheasant Plucker, Hamilton, Ontario
Part of Seraphin Editions meet the authors reading

June 4, 2004, The League of Canadian Poets AGM, Montreal, Canada

December 7, 2003 LIT/LIVE, Hamilton, Ontario with Chris Parnell,
Russell Thornton , Junction Arts Cafe

September 19, 2003, Learning Curves Launch, Bar Italia, Toronto

September, 2003, "Howl" hosted by Nik Beat, CIUT 89.5 FM University of Toronto

April 5, 2,000, The Art Bar reading Series at The Imperial Public Library with Steve McCabe

March 26, 2000 Boheme Press reading series, Starbucks, The Beaches, Toronto

January 5, 2,000, The Art Bar reading Series at The Imperial Public Library with 11 other poets from the "Edges of Time" Anthology, Seraphim Editions, 1999

November 11, 1999, Launch of the Edges of Time anthology with 34 other poets The Opera House, Toronto

October 9, 1997, Fenwicks, Brampton, Acorn-Livesay People's Poetry Festival Joe Blades, Jill Batson, Paul Sanderson

October 5, 1997  "Howl"  hosted by Nik Beat, CIUT 89.5 FM University of Toronto Reading from "Biological Seasons" (part II) and "Learning Curves" and interview

August 26, 1997, Free Times Cafe, Toronto, Ontario, Host: Sharon Singer

July 28, 1997, Cafe Les Frous Braques, Toronto, Ontario, Host: Nik Beat

June 4, 1997 The League of Canadian Poets Annual General Meeting
National Library, Ottawa, Ontario, New Members Reading 

April 17, 1997, Ryerson Polytechnical University Launch of the 22nd Anniversary Edition of the White Wall Review

1996 The recording of Biological Seasons, read by the author, broadcast on Joe Blades radio program "Ashes, Paper and Beans" on CHSR 97.9 FM, Fredericton, New Brunswick

November 22, October 19 and September 27, 1996, Toronto, Ontario, Sugar Bowl Cafe

October 6, 1996 "Howl" hosted by Nik Beat, CIUT 89.5 FM University of Toronto Reading from Biological Seasons, interview and broadcast of recording Biological Seasons, read by the author

May 25, 1996 The League of Canadian Poets Annual General Meeting
National Library, Ottawa, Ontario,  Biological Seasons Book Launch

April 11, 1996, Ryerson Polytechnical University
  Launch of the 21st Anniversary Edition of the White Wall Review

February 19, 1996 Palmerston Library, Toronto, Ontario
Canadian Poetry Association Winter Reading

May 30, 1995, Toronto, Ontario
  "The Third Annual Poetry by Candlelight Benefit"
Sponsored by King Lizzard, CIUT 89.5 FM, Pride and Angela Mckenzie Productions 

October 22, 1994, Scarborough, Ontario
  "Poets for Painters" A Project of the Scarborough Arts Council and the Canadian Authors Association
May, 1994, Scarborough, Ontario
Scarborough Arts Council Poetry Reading


"My Secret Beach," Tower Poetry, 2016

"A Journey of Healing," Big Art Book Digital Anthology, May 16, 2013

First full length book of poetry Learning Curves, published by Seraphim Editions, July, 2003

First Chapbook of Poetry : Biological Seasons published May 25, 1996, distributed by Meaker & Deahl Publishers, 237 Prospect Street South Hamilton, Ontario, L8M 2Z6

The poems below were first published as indicated below:

“September 11, 2001” in A Time of Trial, Hidden Brook Press, Toronto,  2001

"The Future", "Laughing Jet Lag", "Pet The Cat" "Grandma's Dying"
in the "Edges of Time" anthology featuring 55 poets including Leonard Cohen and Robert Priest, Seraphim Editions, Toronto

"Guitarist" published in "Invisible Accordian" Anthology published by the Canadian Poetry Association 1997

"When You're Away"
Tower Poetry, Vol.46, No.1 Summer Edition 1997

"Auto Reverse"
The White Wall Review, 22nd Edition, 1997

The White Wall Review, 21st Edition, 1996

"Five Days in Santorini"
Zygote, Vol 3, Issue 3, Winter 1996

"Like the Arrow"
Tower Poetry, Vol.44, No.2 Winter Edition 1995-96

"White Tulip"
Tower Poetry, Vol. 44, No.1 Summer Edition, 1995

"I Like the Quiet Times"                
Tower Poetry, Vol.43, No.2 Winter Edition, 1994-95

"Gnarled Trees"
"Sacred Silence"

"Poets for Painters" Scarborough Arts Council, Canadian Authors Association,
October 22, 1994


July, 2004, Poetry workshop aboard the QMII with former U.S. poet Laureate Billy Collins as part of the Oxford University Discovery Program

Ryerson Polytechnic University

Rhea Tregebov

Susan Ioannou